Players' stories

Not just another Fantasy

It's not a simple football pool

A fairly innovative results Fantasy. The scoring system is very well designed and the truth is it gives you even more excitement on NFL Sunday afternoons. It was really fun playing in 2020, let's see how 2021 goes for me, I want to win again 😝

And it has the NCAA version this season… Highly recommended.

A different kind of Fantasy

A fantasy different from the rest where knowing both attack and defense teams helps you to hit the exact score of a match.

The punctuation is very well designed and it is difficult to tie and it is possible to move up in the standings not as in a normal fantasy.

It's fun because you can play alone against your friends and troll them.

A Fantasy also for beginners

It's a different kind of league where you don't have to be preparing a strategy to use every week (this allows you to have more than one without investing much time).

It also allows you to copy results between leagues of the same type (easier to maintain).

Ideal for beginners, because you don't have to meet the players and you can start entering this world of NFL football with this type of pool.

I had a great time playing leagues in the 2020 season. And now it provides NCAA leagues !!!

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